Vocal Expression (Singing)

Singing often helps improve the quality of life for all human beings, it is scientifically proven that the act of singing promotes positive reactions in the brain: it reduces stress, improves motor coordination, strengthens the immune system, and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.

When we see someone singing do we not already get the impression that that person is happy?

Singing isn't something that is so simple. An important part of singing is knowing how the sound passes through the vocal apparatus and knowing how to care for it so as to not damage any part of it.


Vocal Instructor: Bruna Palhares

Bruna Palhares is a vocal trainer who was born in Mogi Guaçu, SP, Brazil. She has been giving private vocal lessons since 2006, and has worked as a vocal coach for many theatrical prooductions of the Teaching Industry System (SESI). She has experience with school chorals and children's music. Her teacher Saulo Vasconcelos was one of the most important actors of musicals on Broadway disocvered in Brazil.